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We Are Here


"Philly" - Released 02.05.2019 - is a funky exploration of sax, keyboards and guitar while capturing his hometown feel. 

"We Are Here" - The passing of Chuck Loeb makes this track that much more special. He was an incredible guitarist and a truly gifted person. Throughout this recording he was focused, positive and giving. 

"Rudy" - Simply blown away to work with and have Jeff Lorber on my track. He is referred to as "The Godfather of smooth jazz" and earns that title with every release.

(feat Jeff Lorber)

(feat Chuck Loeb)

(feat Jonathan Link & Keith Ledbetter)

"HORIZONS" came about via a collaborative approach to making music. VAD75|smooth jazz project has had much success thanks to their approach and creative process and when Marvill learned about this approach he was in.


(feat VAD75)

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Scott Marvill -  guitars

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