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 P a s t   P e r f o r m a n c e s - *since 2014 all dates were moved to social media*


August 2014 "Arts Splash Summer Concert Series", Jamestown, NC, "Concerts on the Deck", July 2014 Independence Jazz Concert St. Philips Heritage Center, Old Salem Winston Salem, NC 27103 June 2014 TAVO Restaurant & Tavern, Biltmore Estate May 2014 "Dine And Unwine" Music SeriesTAVO Restaurant & Tavern, Greensboro, NC Eckerd Fund Raiser Radio Interview WFDD 88.5 NPR April 2014 "Dine And Unwine" Music Series TAVO Restaurant & TavernThe Biltmore Estate, Radio Interview "Up Close & Personal" with Annie Rodriguez. Keepin' It Smooth Promotions & Radio "Dine And Unwine" Music Series TAVO Restaurant & Tavern, Ten Ten House of Jazz Rhythm & Blues Danville, VA 24540 March 2014 "Dine And Unwine" Music SeriesTAVO Restaurant January 2014 TAVO December 2013 Nordstrom TAVO Dennis Vineyards - Albemarle, NC Prime Smokehouse - Rocky Mount NC October 2013 Delta Arts Center - Winston-Salem, NC Tavo - Greensboro, NC Market Street Festival - Reidsville, NC Pleasure Island Jazz Festival - Fort Fisher, NC Furniture Market High Point, NC September 2013 Summer Series Concert - Goldsboro, NC Private Party - Greensboro, NC MDA Benefit August 2013 Delta's - Charlotte, NC Uwharrie Vineyards Village Tavern July 2013 Corpening Plaza Winston Jackie's Place Biltmore Estate Churchills June 2013 Delta's PSI Theater May 2013 Churchills Village Tavern Childress Vineyards​April 2013 Churchills Jackies Place March 2013 Churchills February 2013​Wednesday 6th: John Ascuaga's Nugget Thursday 21st: Churchills ​January 2013​Thursday 24th: LJVM Coliseum Thursday 24th: Churchills Friday 4th: Tavo Restaurant Saturday 12th: Chatmoss Country Club, December 2012​Sunday 2nd: Nordstrom Friday 14th Pine Brook Country Club November 2012​Sunday 4th: Dennis Vineyards Friday Saturday Sunday 16, 17, 18 Yuma Jazz and Blues Festival Thursday 22nd: Churchills October 2012Thursday 25th: Churchills Sunday 21st: Childress VineyardsFriday 12th: Biltmore Estate Antler Hill Village Saturday/Sunday 13 & 14: Pleasure island Seafood Jazz Festival ​September 2012​Thursday 27th: "Footlights" Music Series at the Davis Theater.​Friday 21st: Eastern Music Festival Print Works Cafe ​Sunday 16th: (reserved)​Saturday 15th: Hillsborough Jazz Festival August 2012​Thursday 2nd: Village Tavern ​Saturday 25th: Uwharrie Vineyards Thursday 23rd: Churchills Thursday 30th: Village Tavern July 2012 Thursday 26th: ChurchillsSaturday 21st: Old North State Club Friday 20th: Eastern Music Festival Print Works Cafe June 2012​Thursday 28th: Churchills Tuesday 12th: Recording a live performance and interview for WFDD 88.5 FM for various a dates/times. Friday 8th: Biltmore Estate Antler Hill Village ​May 2012​Tuesday 29th: WNAA 90.1 FM Greensboro, NC Friday 25th: Biltmore Estate Antler Hill Village ​Thursday 24th: Churchills Friday 18th: Eastern Music Festival Print Works Cafe Saturday 5th: Salem College Saturday 5th: Shine To Wine Festival Thursday 3rd: Village Tavern April 2012 ​Friday 13th: Biltmore Estate Antler Hill Village ​Sunday 22nd: Furniture Market Thursday 26th: Churchills Saturday 28th: Fanz Sport Grill March 2012​Saturday 31st: Encore American Bistro Thursday 22nd: Churchills Tuesday 20th: PRIVATE EVENT Friday 9th: Sullivans Steakhouse Friday 2nd: Nordstrom February 2012​Thursday 23rd: Churchills Friday 10th: Sullivans Steakhouse Tuesday 7th: Radio Interview TALKING SMOOTH JAZZ Sunday 5th: SUPER BOWL PARTY!! January 2012 Friday 27th: Sullivans Steakhouse Thursday 26th: Churchills Saturday 7th: The Prime Smokehouse Friday 6th: The Prime Smokehouse


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