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Within FREEPORT JAZZ there is much talent and musical exploration.

A few of the members have released additional music outside of the band. Below you can learn about these releases, sample them and purchase/download.



Album Notes

Album Notes

Jo Dread reigning out of Cincinnati Ohio, Jo was reared in Winston Salem North Carolina with a large back ground in music. He took up piano in the 4th grade, Trumpet in the 6th grade and began playing piano in churches by the 11th grade. His first job was as keyboardist in the Ultimates band. They performed R & B and the Blues with a full horn section four female singers and a male lead. They also opened for the Kool & the Gang on many occasions and eventually befriended them. 

He was voted the first black band director of Reynolds High School but was transferred during desegregation to East Forsyth High and graduated there. 

Jo graduated from Winston Salem State University with a degree in music education and also had put together a small group. He performed with the Marching/Concert/Jazz Bands, Male Chorus, Madrigal Glee Club and arranged music for many of them. Most of the groups toured so he got a chance to get exposed to other areas of the country. 

After school he waived graduate school at Eastman School of Music for teaching band in Whiteville North Carolina. Returning for Winston Salem after a year, he disbanded the Love Street Gang from college and began performing with Electric Fudge. They were funky and had a very nice sound system. 

Since then, Jo had done many things (see resume on personal web site). 

Some of the projects Jo has encountered include video production, radio personality, television engineer, video technician, truck driver, dishwasher, music columnist and other jobs. 

Music of the album written from Break In The Action was worked up in Brooklyn New York in 1998. Some of them were released as early as the late 80's. 

He resides now in Winston Salem doing a solo act, sitting in with Crucial Fire, Dub Azzes, Jah Pops Khebo and performing with FREEPORT JAZZ.

Originally from Philadelphia the GRAMMY recognized Guitarist/Bassist, writer, producer, Scott Marvill offers “Collection 2019”. This EP features Jeff Lorber and Chuck Loeb among other artists. All material is streaming on most music platforms and are offered at

As a founding member of UndercoveR Jazz and bandleader of FREEPORT JAZZ he has shared the stage and studio with rising artists, legends and Grammy award winners in the jazz community such as Bob James, Kirk Whalum, Gerald Albright, Chuck Loeb, Jeff Lorber, Andy Snitzer, Marion Meadows, Nils, Bob Baldwin, Jeff Kashiwa, Gerald Albright, Chris Godber, Dee Lucas, Tower Of Power, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Special EFX, Grover Washington Jr. and the list goes on.


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Scott Marvill Latest CD 012023.jpg

Album Notes

Marvill's second EP features Jo Daniels, Steve Thornton, Dan Hitchcock, Gine Revae, Vadim Chelnokov among other artists. All material is streaming on most music platforms and are offered at

This EP offers five songs that were chosen for specific reasons. 2AM documents Scott's chance meeting with and admiration of Teddy Pendergrass when he arrived early for a studio session at KAJEM Studios in Philly while Teddy was finishing up some vocals. EVERY KINDA PEOPLE offers a great message. Racism. No place for it. CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE is Scott's contribution to a wonderful holiday and brings up many childhood memories, especially Peanuts! BLUEISH GREEN is simply a song that Scott felt and created. FREE UP was recorded during the COVID Pandemic. The phrase "Free up" in Trinidad and Tobago means relax; let go. Great advice for handling the pandemic and going forward. So Free Up, sit back and enjoy his second musical offering!

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