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 "J’adore la vieille école et la nouvelle musique de ľécole." which translates to "Old school & new school come together"

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David Maranda CEO of Unisoul Records/Network reached out to Scott in May of 2020 and an immediate connection was made. A label driven by the Artist is the perfect environment for complete creativity resulting in some great music. 

 In November 2015 the Recording Academy has placed UndercoveR Jazz featuring GRAMMY winners Jeff Lorber, Andy Snitzer and GRAMMY Nominee Chuck Loeb on the
Official Ballot for the 58th Annual Grammy  Awards in the following categories:



Best Improvised Jazz Solo

Jeff Lorber - Rudy


Best Jazz Instrumental Album

UndercoveR Jazz featuring Jeff Lorber,Chuck Loeb and Andy Snitzer - Stating the Obvious


Marvill, a multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, guitar and bass, fronts the band on their live performances. Marvill states “there are no self-imposed limits within the band. Our arrangements and performances are impacted by dynamic changes and influences from all styles of jazz. In fact, what we hear most is the enjoyment of these influences we apply in our songs."


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